Flight Training

FAA Part 141 Approved

Are You Ready To Become A Helicopter Pilot?

Be a part of the select few who share the sky, as well as the respect and admiration of others.


This is no dream, this is your reality.


Anthelion Helicopters will help you make this reality part of your life.
Proudly serving Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County.

We are experts with literally thousands of hours of flight experience. We have had dozens of graduates leave our hanger to go on and have successful pilot careers in their own right.


Our flight training is set-up to have you fully engaged and hands-on, while keeping in mind that effective training also includes you having fun during the process. We offer convenient locations to serve all of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Flight Training
Anthelion Helicopters - Flight Training

You will sit down with our instructors and be guided through an aviation training process that is tailored for your success. Whether you’re seeking private pilot rating or going all the way through to become a professional helicopter pilot, Anthelion Helicopters’ instructors will explain the procedures so that we may work together to make you the safest, most skilled pilot that you can be when it comes to helicopter flight training Los Angeles.


Your decision to obtain your license through our comprehensive helicopter flight training will be supported by our high level of expertise, passion, and know-how in all aspects of helicopter flight.


We work with Pilot Finance Inc., a third party finance solution, to help you gain financing to realize your piloting dreams.

  • 100% pass rate

  • 100% safety record

  • Fully comprehensive syllabus

  • Best aircraft

  • Highly experienced instructions

  • Only helicopter sim in the area

  • Fully integrated facility

  • Commercial experience of founders

  • Best airport, Long Beach Airport, for flight training. It’s the only airport around with a dedicated internal helicopter traffic pattern

  • We employ instructors who have gone through our program

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to become a part of the select few that call themselves – Helicopter Pilots.


Less than 25 minutes from LAX
  • 3200 Airflite Way
    Long Beach,
    California, 90807
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1.) Pay as you go. Pay for your flight training after each flight lesson with either cash or credit card. No personal checks allowed.


2.) Block Payment. Take advantage of a reduction in hourly cost for both the aircraft, ground and simulator instruction by having a block payment on account. This can either be by cash or check and we require a minimum of $2000 on account to take advantage of these savings. Please note that we will refund outstanding balances up to 12 months from initial deposit if they are not used. Any outstanding balances after this point will be given as credit which the student is able to use anytime at current prices.


3.) Private financing.  We work closely with third party agencies such as Pilot Finance who specialize in creating full or partial financing arrangements with customers.


For any more information on any of our payment options, please call or email for more details.