Evening Excursion Tour

Take the Evening Excursion Tour to see the Long Beach landscape light up as soon as the sun begins to set over the horizon.

Anthelion Helicopters - Evening Exursion

This helicopter tour will take you over the storied Queen Mary and the historic USS Iowa Battleship. You will also have a view of the spectacular Catalina Island. In addition, you’ll be taken over Naples, Alamitos Bay, and Belmont Pier.


The tour takes advantage of the early California sunsets, when the weather is still warm and the view is captivating.

The Evening Excursion Tour also takes you over the City of San Pedro and its local point of interest, the Vincent Thomas Bridge. It is a 1,500 foot long bridge that connects San Pedro to Terminal Island. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is also known as the third longest suspension bridge in California.


Due to its many lights, Long Beach, CA has always been an enchanting place during the night. And now, it is your chance to discover its spectacular view from above the ground.

Anthelion Helicopters - Evening Exursion

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Downtown Long Beach

Queen Mary

Port of Long Beach

Port of Los Angeles

Sea Launch Commander

Vincent Thomas Bridge

City of San Pedro

Battleship USS Iowa

Catalina Island

Terminal Island

Palos Verdes

Point Fermin


Alamitos Bay

Belmont Pier







2 People: $110


3 People: $75


Anthelion Helicopters - Evening Excursion