Demo Flight

The start of every dream begins with the first step. Our introductory demo flights are the perfect way for you to get your first taste of the helicopter experience.

In order to provide you with an authentic helicopter pilot experience, we have combined a mini simulation course with a hands-on helicopter flight. Our simulation course utilizes the Elite TH100 Helicopter Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD), only simulator in the area, with real life helicopter flight training.


The combination of AATD and helicopter flight will help you learn the basic fundamentals of helicopter operations and safety.


After using the AATD you will understand the different controls, their purpose, as well as have a clear comprehension of the format for the ride in the aircraft itself.

Once the simulator portion of the demo flight is completed your instructor will take you to the aircraft where you will be introduced to all of the basic fundamentals of helicopter flight. You will get to experience all of the lessons in action, while soaring 700-1,000 feet above the Port of Long Beach and Downtown Long Beach.


All of the flight time you accumulate on your demo flight will count toward your helicopter license requirements.


After the flight, our knowledgeable staff will offer you more information on how to go about your future helicopter flight training.

Flight Training

Demo Flight Helicopters


The R22 is the most popular and widely used training helicopter in the world. During your demo flight you will learn the fundamentals of helicopter control, including straight and level flight, climbs and descents, and turns.


Should you opt for the longer 30 minute demo flight you will be introduced to hovering, which in the beginning is arguably the most challenging aspect of learning to fly.


In addition, we offer a 60 minute option to allow you to spend more time behind the controls, as well as show you more of the local area.


15-18 Min Demo Flight – $99

30 Min Demo Flight – $160

60 Min Demo Flight – $305


If you have anyone with you who would like to experience the thrill of your introductory demo flight, then book the R44. The R44 is a larger 4 seat helicopter that allows you to have your family and friends sit in the back to watch your progress.


15-18 Min Demo Flight: $165

30 Min Demo Flight: $275

60 Min Demo Flight: $550

Group Package

For small groups that want to challenge themselves to fly a helicopter we offer a package where up to three participants can do it together.


The format for the Group Demo Flight is as follows:

One person flies with the instructor while the other two watch from the backseat, then after we land everyone swaps seats so another participant is in the front at the controls. This cycle is repeated until each group member has flown the helicopter.


This makes for a great team event and huge fun for small groups who like a little bit of friendly competition.


15-18 Min / 2 People Demo Flight: $325

15-18 Min / 3 People Demo Flight: $480

30 Min / 2 People Demo Flight: $530

30 Min / 3 People Demo Flight: $780

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