Immersion Flight

Immersion Flight Packages

“This Aircraft is just a bunch of sticks and wires with cloth. A tool for learning about the sky and what kind of person I am when I fly.”


-Richard Bach
Nothing By Chance

Immersion Flight

Now that you have experienced your first flight, why not take it to the next level? Immersion packages provide hands-on flight hours that provide a more in-depth, immersive experience ranging from basic flight maneuvers through to the more complex elements of piloting. If you want to learn more about helicopter flying, but do not feel ready to commit to pursuing your private pilot license, for whatever reason, these packages provide a unique and exciting alternative by focusing on a particular aspect of flight or becoming more proficient at a specific skill. The package system offers the flexibility to either complete specific ones in isolation or combines them together as part of a progressive course. All flight hours would ultimately count toward your private pilote licencse.


Like Richard Bach, we believe that learning to fly is just about obtaining a license. It is an adventure that may change the way you understand yourself and the way you live. Come fly with us. In the process, you will learn more about yourself and achieve something you have never done before.

Anthelion Helicopters - Flight Training

Bronze: Hovering $400


Half hour ground instruction. See the coastline of California or see the famous LA sites. Become comfortable flying straight and level, climbing, descending, turning, and get an introduction to airport traffic patterns and hovering. Or, just enjoy flying through some of California’s most beautiful scenery.



Silver: Traffic Patterns $800

2 hours of flight time.

2 hours of ground instruction.

Learn about airport operations and air traffic patterns. Introduction to radio communications. Practice landing, taking-off, and hovering a helicopter.



Gold: Airport to Airport $1250

3.5 hours of flight.

3 hours of ground instruction.

Learn airport to airport navigation. Get more practice taking off, landing, hovering, and communicating on the radio. You will be introduced to different types of landing approaches.



Platinum: Cross Country Navigation $1750

5 hours of flight.

5 hours of ground instruction.

Introduction to aviation navigation. Learn the basic skills necessary to navigate from airport to airport including airport traffic patterns, basic chart reading skills, basic radio communications and air traffic control procedures. As a capstone experience, you will plan and fly to another airport where you can shut down and have lunch, then fly home. This package is highly personalized and can be adjusted to fit your personal goals.


For each course you will also receive:

  • Certificate of completion with photo (framed for Gold and Platinum packages)
  • Special T-shirt and baseball cap, specific to the package you’ve completed
  • Discounts for future packages

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