Queensgate Tour

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We are proud to be the first company in the Los Angeles area to allow our customers to purchase a fully interactive video of their special tour. After sending you the video in the mail you will be able to upload it to the special App, where you will be able to edit and post it to any of your favorite social media accounts.

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Long Beach, CA is a beautiful city that is not only known for its ports and IndyCar Series, but also for its scenery – especially from the sky.

Anthelion Helicopters - Queensgate

Anthelion Helicopters offers the Queensgate Helicopter Tour, which is a dedicated helicopter tour for Long Beach and its surrounding areas.


This special helicopter tour is designed to show Long Beach visitors, as well as its locals, the full beauty that Long Beach has to offer. The helicopter tour will take you on an amazing adventure over the storied Queen Mary and the historic USS Iowa Battleship. You will also have a view of the spectacular Catalina Island.

There is nothing more romantic or exhilarating than watching the sun set across the Pacific Coast from a bird’s eye view. To be one with the sky during a sunset creates a new appreciation for the magnificent scenery of Long Beach. The beauty is unmatched and is the perfect way to end any day of the week.


The Queensgate Helicopter Tour also takes you over the City of San Pedro and its local point of interest, the Vincent Thomas Bridge. It is a 1,500 foot long bridge that connects San Pedro to Terminal Island. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is also known as the third longest suspension bridge in California.


Long Beach, CA has long been a secret tourist attraction for many. And now, it is your chance to discover its beauty from above the ground.

Queensgate Helicopter Tour


Downtown Long Beach

Queen Mary

Port of Long Beach

Port of Los Angeles

Sea Launch Commander

Vincent Thomas Bridge

City of San Pedro

Battleship USS Iowa

Catalina Island

Terminal Island

Palos Verdes

Point Fermin







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3 People: $70


Queensgate Tour
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