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To Dream. To Fly. Today.

Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have dreamed of flight. Ask any child what super power they would like to have, and the ability to fly will almost always be the answer. For some like me, that wish never faded.

Thankfully, I discovered I did’t need a cape to soar above the earth. I just needed training – and a helicopter. And I found a great place with both. The only thing separating my dream of becoming a helicopter pilot from reality was a phone call. And when I mustered the courage to make it, Anthelion Helicopters answered.

I knew researching the best source for comprehensive helicopter flight training was important, and my search for great customer service, a solid reputation, and extensive flight instruction experience led me to Anthelion. I felt confident their expert instructors and carefully organized, structured syllabus would help me achieve my dream of flying faster than Buzz Lightyear could exclaim “to infinity and beyond!”

I particularly liked that they aren’t just a school. They are a full-service aviation company with a fleet of aircraft providing services to customers of every kind. They teach, but they also do. On any given day, they might be taking tourists on a flight-seeing adventure, capturing aerial photography, or whisking excited newlyweds into the clouds. I wanted to learn from people who practice what they preach.

It all began with a demo flight. This gave me the opportunity to visit with them to get a sense of who they are. I immediately noticed a family atmosphere among the instructors and students. After all, helicopter pilots are a rare breed, and birds of a feather flock together.

During my demo experience, I got to sit down at the area’s only helicopter simulator. I also toured the facility and got introduced to their much-adored fleet. Yes, they think of the aircraft as family, too! These were some highly pampered, clean, and well-maintained “children.” Then, I climbed aboard for an orientation of flight controls, and a thrilling journey into the sky. The entire demo experience was extremely affordable, and I knew I couldn’t afford not to try this.

Once we touched down, they explained in detail the wide variety of training programs they offer. I had a lot of questions and they answered them all. This made me realize once again there is an emphasis on exceptional customer service here. It’s something they teach every pilot they train. I like that, because I believe helicopter pilots should be nice people.

I really enjoyed meeting these folks and decided I had found the “home” where my dream of becoming a helicopter pilot would come true. The staff has extensive combined flight instruction experience, with thousands of hours of flight time among them. And best of all, I found an affordable program suited to my exact needs. This wasn’t hard, because they provide training for both private and commercial licensing, as well as flight instructor and instrument rating certification.

What kind of super hero would I like to be? One who flies. And I am ecstatic that I will soon be one of the select and admired few who can proudly say, “I’m a helicopter pilot.”