Accelerated Courses

Accelerated Courses are designed specifically for those students who are on a time crunch and are able to dedicate 5-7 days to a flight training schedule.

Typically, the Accelerated Courses will include up to two flights per-day with ground sessions in-between.


Our syllabus is set up to give students a comprehensive and efficient training path. It explains the entire process in a step-by-step manner.


Each student’s path to getting licensed will be planned out in detail, on a day-to-day basis, from start to finish.

Accelerated Courses at Anthelion Helicopters

Throughout the Accelerated Courses the student’s progress is monitored and constantly evaluated in order to make any necessary adjustment in the initial plan.


Milestones and stage checks are an important part of the program, and the student has these thoroughly explained by their instructor.


This is an extremely intense, yet rewarding program. You will be fully immersed in the world of helicopters and aviation during your accelerated helicopter flight training.

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