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Commercial Pilots License – CPL(H)


Helicopter flight training at Anthelion Helicopters begins with flight instructors who have a wide range of experience in the flight industry. Our aerial experience spans from private helicopter tours, aerial photography, movie filming, flying through the Grand Canyon, to even Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and utility. In addition, we also have extensive know-how in the roles of both Chief Pilot and Chief Instructor.

Pursuing a career in aviation will start with your private helicopter flight training. However, it is important to develop the necessary skills in safety and professionalism in order to take your flying career to the next level.

Anthelion Helicopters instructors utilize our combined knowledge and experience to prepare you for the very challenging, but extremely rewarding role in helicopter aviation.

Anthelion Helicopters incorporates commercial operational role-playing into the flight training in order to simulate real-world commercial flight operations.


Much like our Private Pilot Course we will sit down with you and work out a personalized flight training instruction plan that best suits your needs and experience based on your acquired hours of flight time.

We will also base these needs on safe practices, your regulatory aviation flight experience and associated knowledge, your future goals in flying (for example, if you seek an instrument rating), and your level at the practical aviation test standards.

It will take a total of 150 hours as a commercial pilot license student for you to learn and master the commercial flight skills required for the profession.

a view of a city
a small plane sitting on top of a runway

The skills necessary to maintain a safe and successful aerial career go far beyond the actual act of flying. You will learn to be a proficient planner and become familiar with using all the resources available to make accurate ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ decisions. If a ‘go’ decision is made, you will continue to assess the ever changing scenario until the flight is safely terminated or completed.

This flight safety decision making skill is possibly the most important thing you will learn in your commercial flight training, and is a key factor in becoming a safe and proficient commercial helicopter pilot.