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An Airline Transport Pilots License ATP (H) certificate essentially gives you the ability to carry passengers in the clouds in authorized commercial operations. Whether you are a commercial helicopter pilot looking to expand your resume, or a professional helicopter pilot wanting to further your aviation career, we can help you attain the ATP certification through our flight training program.

The purpose of the Airline Transport Pilots License ATP (H) lesson course is to train helicopter pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to fly passengers within commercial flight standards.

Aeronautical experience is necessary for an ATP certificate. However, there are no hour requirements for this helicopter flight training, and no flight instructor endorsement required for an ATP check ride. Nevertheless, no helicopter pilot should go into a check ride without being completely prepared.

At Anthelion Helicopters anyone of our Instrument Instructors can help you knock the rust off your flight instrument skills and help you prepare for the Airline Transport Pilots License ATP (H) check ride.

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“I heard about Anthelion Helicopters from a Colleague of mine who works at a different Base. I did a review of the School from their Website and found that they had a procedures Trainer(Simulator) which came in handy and saved some cost when we arrived at Long Beach. Both flying and non-flying staff were professional and friendly. Most Importantly, the CEO, Alex Chaunt was personally interested in our progress.

I shall remain indebted to Anthelion Helicopters for ensuring that I passed my ATPL Check-ride within the limited time I had allotted for the Course and Check-ride.

Thanks, Alex, Nina, Lauren, Brandin, Sheamus, Travis, Tom, and Diana. Keep up the good work!”

Omasan Inone
AW139 Offshore Pilot