Established in 2014, Anthelion Helicopters is a premier helicopter flight training school and Los Angeles helicopter tour company located in the heart of Long Beach, CA.

Anthelion Helicopters offers its students helicopter flight training, as well as add-on training in the following categories:

Flight Training


Please enjoy taking the journey though our facility and learning more about where you will learn to fly. Be sure to try out some of the new features including the ability to have a look inside the aircraft and go outside to the pads.

Downtown Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

In addition, Anthelion Helicopters offers dual training and ground training. The school provides students with access to a Mini Helicopter, Elite TH100 Helicopter Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD). This crucial flight training tool is a fully featured single turbine helicopter simulator based on the Eurocopter AS350B.


For photographers and tourists Anthelion Helicopters offers:

  • Aerial photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Helicopter Tours

About the Founders

The founders of Anthelion Helicopters, Alex and Nina, bring a unique blend of commercial pilot and helicopter flight training experience to Southern California.


Their goal is to give more depth to the flight training process, and add more real-life meaning to the maneuvers taught during the training.


Alex and Nina have been flying Part 135 operations in Helicopter Tours, Utility, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). They have also held the Chief Pilot and Chief Flight instructor roles, respectively.


Alex and Nina have over 7,000 combined hours in rotorcraft. In addition, they have extensive experience and knowledge in both single and multi-engine helicopters, as well as Night Vision Goggle (NVG) usage and the Single Pilot IFR (SPIFR) environment.


They’re experienced in the following aircrafts:

  • EC135p2+
  • BO105 CBS-4 and LE models
  • AS350 Astar (All models)
  • EC130 B4
  • B206BIII
  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R22
  • Schweizer S300
Anthelion Helicopters - Founders
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