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15 Minutes
30 Minutes
60 Minutes


In order to provide you with an authentic helicopter pilot experience, we have combined a mini simulation course with a hands-on helicopter flight. Our simulation course utilizes the Elite TH100 Helicopter Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD), the only simulator in the area, with real life helicopter flight training.

The combination of AATD and helicopter flight will help you learn the basic fundamentals of helicopter operations and safety.

After using the AATD you will understand the different controls, their purpose, as well as have a clear comprehension of the format for the ride in the aircraft itself.

Once the simulator portion of the demo flight is completed your instructor will take you to the aircraft where you will be introduced to all of the basic fundamentals of helicopter flight. You will get to experience all of the lessons in action while soaring 700-1,000 feet above the Port of Long Beach and Downtown Long Beach.

All of the flight time you accumulate on your demo flight will count toward your helicopter license requirements.

After the flight, our knowledgeable staff will offer you more information on how to go about your future helicopter flight training.

Learn the Fundamentals of Helicopter Control!

The Cabri is a next-generation pilot trainer with a hybrid fully-articulated main rotor system and Fenestron tail rotor. It’s a highly capable alternative to existing aircraft trainers.