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What Does It Take To Be A Certified Flight Instructor

After gaining your commercial certification, the most common career path for a rotorcraft pilot is becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).


Anthelion Helicopters views the role of a flight instructor as both extremely honorable and skilled. The quality of student’s learning is directly related to the quality of helicopter flight instructors. Therefore, we emphasize the effectiveness of teaching and interpersonal skills before introducing the flight training elements into our helicopter certified flight instructor training.


This aspect of helicopter flight teaching maximizes your overall knowledge and skills in being a licensed pilot.


One important thing to note is that your flight students will all learn at different rates and in different ways. You will get the best results by successfully observing and responding to the different ways in which your students learn flight instruction effectively. This is true both in flight and on the ground.

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Stages of Your Certified Flight Instructor Training

Helicopter Pilot Training

Anthelion Helicopters begins your flight instructor training by teaching the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI’s). We then teach you how to develop a flight lesson plan for the ground portion of your student’s helicopter flight training. You will then determine how to use all teaching resources available to you and how to evaluate its effectiveness in the flight lesson plan.


After, we move onto the maneuvers of flight. We review and breakdown each aerial maneuver and how to most effectively teach it to your student. At this stage you will be teaching while your student flies.

FAA Certificate Requirements

Under CFR 14 part 61 regulation there are no minimum requirements prior to this check-ride except the 3 hours of training within the preceding 2 months and having a commercial certificate. Anthelion Helicopters focuses on developing a safe and proficient Certified Flight Instructor who can fly and teach to the Practical Test Standards.


You’re required to have a valid 3rd Class Medical Certificate to take your check ride.


You will have both a written exam for the FOI, as well as the general written exam prior to your check-ride.

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