Aerial Media In Los Angeles

Whether shooting planes, trains, automobiles, buildings, or the perfect shoreline sunsets, Anthelion Helicopters pilots do everything in their power to make sure that your aerial photography needs are met.


We offer a variety of packages and helicopters to perfectly suit your aerial photography requests. We also provide additional options such as the removal of any or all doors on our Robinson R22 and Robinson R44. In addition, the Robinson R44 allows for you to bring on up-to three (3) or one (1) observer, respectively.


Anthelion Helicopters has some of the most experienced helicopter pilots in the industry. Our helicopter pilots have successfully completed all kinds of flights with aerial photographers and aerial cinematographers from all over the world.


With each client we take the time to understand the kind of aerial photography that is desired. We then decide on the best route and time of departure to get the perfect aerial shots. Depending on the photographer’s request the shoot can be done early in the morning, during the day, or late in the evening.

Whether it be a magazine ad, photography for a portfolio, an event, a specific scene, cinematography, or just capturing an unforgettable memory, our pilots will do all in their powers to position you for the perfect shot.


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Keep in mind that selecting the proper helicopter for your aerial photoshoot is very important as each helicopter has its advantages and limitations. See ‘Options and Capabilities’ below for more information on the various features and additional services.

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Robinson R22 Beta II
Less than 5 hours: $305/hour  |  5 or more hours: $295/hour


Robinson R44 Clipper II
Less than 5 hours: $585/hour  |  5 or more hours: $555/hour

– There is no minimum flight time for Aerial Photography flights.

– Time is measured by an engine Hobbs Meter that records the engine running time, from startup to shutdown, in 10th’s of an hour increments.



– Flight planning – free for the first 15 min.

– Flight planning in excess of 15 min. – $50/hr.


We offer the following options for aerial photography:

  • Doors-off flight – We can remove one or more doors during flight to offer a glare-free view of the subject.
  • Cameras and Equipment – All cameras and equipment must be securely attached to the photographer at all times.
  • Hovering operations – Depending on aircraft weight and environmental conditions such as temperature and altitude, our pilots can bring the aircraft into a full stop hover to offer a still platform.
  • High-speed operations – Our aircraft can cruise at airspeed of up to 130 knots, allowing us to get on point quickly, saving time and money.
  • Robinson R44 – With any or all doors removed we can operate up to 100 knots.
  • Robinson R22 – With any or all doors removed we can operate up to 102 knots.


Our Robinson R44 has the capacity for up to 3 observers. The Robinson R-22 is limited to the Photographer and the Pilot (see all weight restrictions).


Robinson R22 Beta II: 240Lb seat weight (photographer + equipment)

Robinson R44 Clipper II: 300Lb seat weight(photographer + equipment)


Anthelion Helicopters will advise all aerial photography clients if a permit may be required for a flight.


  • We have purchased new custom harnesses for our passengers to wear while conducting aerial photography while the doors are off.
  • Safety Harnesses will be worn in the R-44 in addition to wearing the existing seat belts.
  • Additional price for the provision of this essential service is $30 per helicopter.
  • These harnesses are there to both enhance your safety, make you more comfortable and make sure you have the best possible experience while flying with us.
  • Please call us for more details or any questions.


• We require 24 hours notice by either phone or email for all cancellations. Cancellations within this period will be charged 50% of the total photo flight price.

• We allow one reschedule per group within the 24 hour cancellation window, the second reschedule within that time period by the customer will incur a $100 re-booking fee.  Should the customer cancel their photo flight after the complimentary re-schedule, for whatever reason, outside of the 24 hour cancellation policy window, they will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

• A no-call or no-show WILL result in a total photo flight price charge in the full amount, to be charged to the credit card used for the booking.

• If booking within 24 hours of departure, we require full payment to be charged at the time of the booking.

• Customers will not be held liable for adverse weather, Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) or unforeseen aircraft maintenance. Your photo flight will be rebooked or refunded at no additional charge.

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