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Posted at 19:10h in Blog by admin

Best Way to Start A Helicopter Career

Have you been dreaming about a helicopter career?

As it turns out, there is a massive pilot shortage in the industry, and things are predicted to get worse over the next 5-10 years. This shortage is primarily due to an increasing need for aviators in the chopper airspace. Unfortunately, there is a mass migration of pilots into fixed-wing aircraft as airlines are siphoning the best from the industry.

That means if you are between the ages of 18-75 years and have been dreaming about becoming a helicopter pilot, there has never been a better time.

After doing the research, I have discovered the quickest route for pilot training from a local company, starting from as low as $99 for your first lesson.

You’ll have the chance to get real hands-on helicopter flying experience with a top-notch instructor.

Your training begins in a simulator, where you’ll learn all the basics about piloting a chopper, including everything you need to know about how to operate a bird safely.

You’ll quickly grow to appreciate the value of the simulator experience when you begin learning to fly. The hands-on experience of a simulator will exponentially speed up your learning curve as you warm up to a brand new and exciting flying career.

Plus every minute of flight time counts toward your license. This is the most interactive, exciting and informative way to evaluate whether you want to take piloting all the way to a full-time career.

The company is amazingly open to answering all your questions before, during and after your training. Plus they have a wealth of written resources that you can take with you to study on your own time.

There is nothing that can hold you back from starting your dream job as an aviator.

After the fantastic training, you will only be one step away from embarking on your first solo training flight. Imagine yourself behind the controls of an air hawk. The only thing you’ll have left to do is take your FAA medical test, which is extremely basic.

You don’t want to entrust your training to just any copter school. There are some important basics to consider. And with this company, you have it all.

They are an FAA Part 141 approved flight school, which means they have met the rigorous safety and quality standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

With nine aircraft to choose from and a 100% safety record with zero accidents or incidents, you will be in good hands from day one. They have helped many great people get through their aviation training, pass their test, get their pilot’s license and start the vocation of their dreams.

If you have been considering getting your pilot’s license, don’t hesitate to get started immediately. If after your first lesson, you find flying is not your thing, you’ve lost nothing. $99 is less than a nice dinner with friends.

Even if you find it is not a fit for you, you’ll still enjoy the simulation and safety training. But I suspect you’ll take it much farther than that.

How many exciting careers do you know where you can get started for such a low investment? Can you tell that I’m a little excited about this opportunity? I think you will be too.

Now is the perfect time to get started.