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a sunset over a body of water

Share The Gift of Flight This Year!
Struggling to find delightful gifts for a Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or some other special occasion? Shopping for someone special who seemingly has everything may require creativity and even a little daring. I’d like to suggest a genuinely memorable, thrilling present: the gift of flight!

Explore The World From a Unique Perspective

Riding in a helicopter delights people of all ages! From 5 years to 105 years, most individuals marvel at this awesome experience. Flights offer a way to see the city from a fresh, panoramic point of view.

Enjoy a sunset or evening tour to appreciate the lovely Christmas light displays below at this joyful time of year. Passengers forge unforgettable impressions during an aerial tour. I rely on the pilots to transport everyone safely; customers appreciate for themselves how the world would most likely appear from the standpoint of someone traveling in Santa’s sleigh. An opportunity to share this type of Christmas gift with a loved one occurs once in a lifetime.

A Special Treat For Photographers

Helicopter flights appeal to people from many different walks of life. However, one group of hobbyists, in particular, find air tours irresistible: photography buffs. Whether passengers take photos as a hobby, or they earn a living in the field full-time, flying provides an unparalleled opportunity to take eye-catching aerial shots. Skilled photographers won’t want to miss the chance to capture remarkable photos from overhead.

For the brave at heart, a company may even take to the air with the doors of the aircraft removed. These flights permit some extraordinary aerial shoots, believe me! I simply need to place this requests in advance, then prepare for a one-of-a-kind adrenaline-charged experience. (Photos of the city skyline taken during these tours can make beautiful holiday gifts.)

Inexpensive Flying Lessons On Demand

Today, people like me welcome the opportunity to undertake a hands-on helicopter flying lesson. This experience might help someone decide whether or not a career in aviation beckons. This great school offers an initial lesson for the modest introductory price of $99. Successfully completing all required flying lessons following this demo flight and coursework ultimately leads to a pilot’s license. The demo actually counts as your first lesson!

They also offer some truly unique gift ideas in a series of bespoke instructional packages which potentially build upon one another. Called Immersion Experiences and in addition to supplying practical experience, these excursions help qualified students meet certain license flight time requirements. Progress from the Bronze Hovering Experience through several different levels to the Cross Country Platinum package. Immersion training programs, please students by offering truly interactive, realistic challenges.

Make Reservations Now!

The gift of flight possesses few, if any, equals. I recommend placing reservations soon for all three types of tours: passenger, photography, and pilot training. Obtain seats on limited holiday season flights by taking action now. Contact Anthelion Helicopters as soon as possible to secure your flight dates and times before the arrival of the holiday season. Happy flying!