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Becoming a helicopter pilot

The first step is your personalized demo flight experience. I’m proud to say we have the only helicopter flight simulator in the Los Angeles area. It’s called the Elite TH100 Helicopter Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD). This is where it all begins. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the basics of flight operation, controls, and what to expect from the flight you’re about to go on. I’ve found this starting point gives potential students a fantastic preview of what’s in store, and everything makes much more sense once airborne.

Next, it’s time to get you in the cockpit with an experienced instructor. I’ve designed the demo flight to be heavy on education. After all, you want to learn how to fly this thing!

We have demo flight options for every budget, from a short fifteen to eighteen-minute experience, to a more comprehensive hour-long flight. Depending on what you choose, there will be time to cover topics ranging from basic maneuvering, climbing and descending to more advanced skills like hovering. I personally recommend the 60-minute flight, because it gives you the best opportunity to get behind the controls yourself and a chance to see a little more of the Los Angeles area.

During the flight, much of what was covered on the simulator will be reviewed in real life, real flight conditions. It’s your first lesson! One thing I love about this is that the time you spend in flight during the demo counts toward obtaining your license.

Once we touch down, we are going to review what you’ve learned and explain the different flight training plans we offer. Then, we follow up by sending you a comprehensive packet of information about our training programs to review at your leisure.

But you’re reading this right now, so there are three important things I want you to know right now. First, if you are dreaming about becoming a pilot, you can achieve it. Second, if you are ready to book a demo flight, you’re likely ready for lessons. And finally, if you want to soar through the sky, the sky is ready for you.