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R22 Rental


$335 per hour – Wet


(Fuel and oil Included)


Below is the information for the pilot qualifications for rental

Pilot Qualifications

1. Pilot must hold a valid and current Private Pilot’s certificate or better with appropriate ratings and endorsements. The successful completion of the Robinson Safety Course is required prior to taking passengers.


2. Pilot must possess a current and effective medical certificate.


3. Pilot must satisfy the FAA’s flight review requirements.


4. Pilot must have a minimum of 10 hours in make and model.


5. Pilot must have 100 hours total time for solo operations and 150 hours total time for carrying passengers.

Initial Checkout and Currency Requirements

Pilot shall be familiar with and may be asked to demonstrate his/her knowledge of FAA regulations in addition to any requirements listed below.

1. All renters must satisfactorily complete an initial check ride with an Anthelion Helicopters approved Check Pilot prior to rental.


2. To maintain currency the Pilot must meet the following requirements and any other FAA requirements for currency as a pilot in command:


   a. Three (3) takeoffs and landings in the previous ninety (90) days in a Anthelion Helicopters aircraft.


   b. Receive one (1) hour of annual dual instruction, or be signed off by an Anthelion Helicopter approved Certified Check Pilot.

Anthelion Helicopters - Rental
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